Internship Program

Internship Program

The Irish Boat Shop Internship Program enjoyed its inaugural year during the summer of 2019 with the hiring of a Human Resources Intern and a Marketing Intern.  We believe that interns fill vital roles in the organization and each intern is assigned a mentor.  The program is a minimum of 12 weeks and runs from May to August.  The interns finish a project that is presented to the Leadership Team at the end of the program, while also completing a log that outlines weekly accomplishments and task completion.  Irish Boat Shop believes in providing a balanced work environment that focuses on teamwork and fun on the water.  This internship program is designed to provide practical experience in a structured environment that expands upon each student’s area of interest or emphasis by integrating and reinforcing skills and concepts learned in academia.

Meet Our Former Interns

Summer of 2022 Sales Intern

“I started Irish Boat Shop thinking that I knew a lot about boats. I had no idea what to expect when arriving. I left with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how much there is to learn about the boating industry. It was amazing to experience how much the employees and customers care for boating and the water. I am so glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to take this opportunity. I have recommended the internship program to many of my friends already. There is always so much to do. Working with the sales team was one of the best parts, they always had their own ways of making things interactive and interesting. I will always be grateful to have learned from a successful and well-known business in my area.”

– Keaton Walker, Alma College ’23

Summer of 2021 Videography Intern

“When I applied to Irish Boat Shop, I had no idea how much I would grow and learn from the internship. I had great instructors that gave me the guidance required to progress in my profession and continue moving forward.  I had wonderful mentors, and they taught me an extensive amount about how a videographer functions in a business environment while working with a dedicated and passionate team. I am truly grateful for the experience that Irish Boat Shop has provided me and could not recommend this internship enough to others.”

– Benjamin Williams, Eastern Michigan University ‘21

Summer of 2021 Retail Management Interns

“It was super interesting working for a full-service boat shop, and I learned lots about boats as well as how to run a successful business.  I never realized how complex each service job, each boat commission, or transient dockage is. It often requires many departments to work together to complete the task.  It was a little more cleaning and manning the retail store than I expected, but the projects and intern tasks that I was assigned were exactly what I expected.  My teamwork and communication skills were improved during this internship through working through problems with employees and communicating with employees and customers.  I will use these skills in managing employees, talking to customers, and running meetings in the future.”

– Joe Thuente, Notre Dame ‘23

“I will recommend the IBS internship to as many people as I can. This was an amazing experience, and I think anyone who participates in it in the future will realize how unique and honoring it is to be a part of it.  I am coming out of this knowing everything I thought I’d learn plus a lot more. I don’t think I could’ve been any more prepared for this internship based on my first year’s experience as a seasonal employee at Irish Boat Shop and my school education. I learned how to lead without a title, keep the store running smoothly while researching relevant data, and follow and create crucial processes needed for everyday business.  My mentor worked with me to make this internship work right from the beginning. When we came upon challenges, he not only dealt with them but showed me the most effective and efficient way of dealing with them. I am a better leader overall through the experience and learning from him.”

– Devon Hope, Grand Valley State University ‘23

Summer of 2020 Retail Management Interns

“When my summer plans fell apart, Irish Boat Shop was there to help me out and I could not be more grateful for that. I have had a great summer here, this was a unique opportunity to be up here that I know I won’t get again.  I enjoyed getting to help out in multiple areas of the business.  Spending a day helping out service, working with Angela to determine how Irish is going to run certain events, and chatting with Michael about his goals for the business were the most formative experiences of the internship.”

– Phoebe Solms, Princeton University ‘21

“I came into Irish Boat Shop knowing nothing about the boating industry, but I have learned so much. Interning with this company has been an unforgettable and fantastic experience. My mentors have helped me push myself to grow both professionally and personally in a fun and ever-changing work environment. I highly recommend the retail management internship program to anyone who is independent, creative, and willing to learn.”

– Jack Myers, Michigan State University ‘23

“The best part about this internship was the sheer amount of knowledge I attained. I was given the opportunity to explore an array of areas I was interested in. One moment I could be doing SEO research for the E-commerce site, and the next I was out in the yard observing a technician service boats. It was especially interesting to watch how individuals who took such different career paths came together to make all the pieces turn- and it was clear they all did so with a passion. The amount of trust I was given to work on my own did wonders for my confidence, adding to the great overall experience.”

– Matt Sloyan, University of Wisconsin – Madison ‘21

Marketing Intern

Summer of 2019 Human Resources Intern

“I absolutely recommend interning at Irish Boat Shop.  I went into it thinking I wanted to work in training and development and I found out I enjoy recruiting even more.  The company has a strong mission, employees work with a team mindset and want to help you out.  My mentor was always willing to teach, ensuring I could learn and manage the tasks I was assigned.  The structure of the internship helped me grow as a professional and allowed me to contribute in a meaningful way to the company.”

– Anna Finley, Lake Superior State University ‘19

Summer of 2019 Marketing Intern

“Interning at Irish Boat Shop has been an incredible experience. I got the opportunity to explore different components of marketing and find my strengths. I was able to try new things and questions were always encouraged. The positive family atmosphere made coming to work enjoyable and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable group of people.”

– Kaitlyn Harries, Penn State University ‘21

HR Intern
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