Launch Forms

The crew at Irish Boat Shop is planning for the 2022 launch season, and we are all looking forward to seeing you again this spring. Our goal is to provide a well-planned and organized launch.

Spring is an exciting time, and we need your help to complete your launch form early. If you are uncertain of the exact date, let’s put something on the calendar as a target to help ensure your boat will be ready.

Please complete the appropriate Launch Form linked below for each of your boats, and be sure to provide the following:


  • Customer Name, Boat Name – If your boat does not have a name, please provide the Make & Model.
  • Date Boat to Be Ready – The day that you expect to pick up the boat or have it delivered.
  • Delivery Location and Fueling Preferences – Where you would like the boat delivered and whether you would like the tanks topped off or not.
  • Commissioning, Rigging, and Cleaning Options and the necessary checkboxes
  • Payment Information – Please provide the Card Holder’s Name, Billing Address, Account Number, Expiration Date, Verification Code, and card type.
  • Signature – A signature is required to process the form. Please be aware that Google Chrome does not allow e-signing without an extension installed.


Please return the form to the designated email address at the bottom of the form or mail to the Charlevoix or Harbor Springs address listed at the bottom of this webpage.